Day 1 Wolds Wanderings, Am I over the Hill? A Vineyard, A Beacon, Snowdrops, Ice Store, 90,000 Killed.

Post 231: 25th January 2018, Walk 3 South Cave Circular. 

Having recently reached my 66th birthday and received some ‘cheeky’ walking birthday cards (see previous post 230), I then got this card from a much younger (about 20 years) female friend. The funny thing was that it arrived 3 days late –  so I was able to tell her that she was over the hill and that the mind goes first and then the body!! He,he,he…

P1090822P1090823With the The North York Moors under melting snow we decided to postpone The Inn Way and head to the drier chalk lands of the Yorkshire Wolds. However, having already completed The Wolds Way, we decided on an alternative project, 38 mostly circular walks which collectively total 353 miles from the book Walking in the Wolds, published in 1993. It would be my 55th long distance walk. No doubt after 25 years there would be a few changes to the route!

After leaving the Fox And Coney pub at South Cave just before 9am, we had a good start arriving at Little Wold Vineyard. This must be a sign of global warming when there are vineyards in Yorkshire. Note to self – order some wine!

The Humber Estuary can just be viewed in the distance.

P1090787We soon entered typical rolling, green Wolds country.

P1090788With some delightful copses. P1090789We passed boundary stones for Hunsley.

Then passed a  Yorkshire Wolds Way sign, indicating the end of that walk, 64 miles away at Filey. P1090792High Hunsley Beacon was passed by us and also by an aeroplane way above in the sky (see white streak left of wire beacon). P1090795Trees provided some interesting shadow patterns on the fields, with a wind farm in the distance. It reminded me of David Hockney’s paintings. P1090797A descent into Swin Dale followed, which is a classic dry Wolds valley.

P1090798We arrived at North Newbald which is one of two Danish settlements, the other being South Newbald.  We had an early lunch break on a bench in the warming sun.

A little further on we came across St Nicholas’s Church, which is the most complete Norman building in the East Riding. It is one of finest Norman churches in England. It was built mainly in the second half of the twelve century.

P1090800-1My first 2018 siting of snowdrops were in the church grounds.

P1090802After passing through South Newbald we arrived at Hotham Church which has a distinctive tower. A plaque on a wall outside the church was placed there to celebrate 900 years of Norman heritage. Many  of the village buildings are of local limestone.

P1090807The pub, the Hotham Arms is quite unique in appearance.

P1090808Further along is what we believe was an ice store.

P1090809It may have belonged to nearby Hotham HallP1090810Its lodge has a powerful sign – a reminder of the sacrifices so many paid for our freedom.

At North Cave there is a fine Grade 1 listed medieval church, All Saints,  built and modified from the 13th century onwards, with a few remaining Norman features.

P1090815Continuing to Everthorpe we wondered what the significance of the village sign was? We think it is related to the two prisons, HMP Everthorpe and HMP Wolds.

P1090817Even the kissing gates are much larger than the norm!

P1090818At South Cave outside the entrance to Cave Castle is a war memorial which says:

“Is it nothing to you, ye that pass by?

Well, is it nothing to you? Because if it isn’t, it should be.” 

P1090819Eight centuries ago a castle stood where a hotel and restaurant is now located.


Well if I am over the hill, I still managed to walk:

12½ Miles !!!!!!  


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