A Walk around Liverpool – Part II

Post 295: 19 September 2018

My dad said when I was 13 in 1965 that “the Beatles would not last”. To a teenage fan of the Beatles this was sacrosanct to treason. How could they not last – they had just appeared at the Shea Stadium in New York and had taken America by storm. 55,600 fans had attended the performance. Prior to the 1960s this was unheard of.

My dad was a lover of Beethoven and classical music and, as far as I was concerned, just didn’t understand the excitement of Beatles, who were a crucial and instrumental part in the changing nature of society in the 1960s.

Of course I was able to remind him well into his old age that the Beatles music and influence had in fact lasted for a very long time.

On our walk around Liverpool I couldn’t therefore resist going to see the Double Fantasy John and Yoko exhibition in the Museum of Liverpool.

Having not long returned from Reykjavik Iceland, it was interesting to see information at the exhibition about the Imagine Peace campaign.

IMG_3196P1130241We would all like peace and John Lennon was a great promoter of peace. It is ironic that his life was cut short by a violent action when he was shot in New York in 1980. P1130243IMG_3200What is staggering and shocking is the number of people killed in the U.S.A by guns since Lennon’s death. IMG_3198Lennon used unorthodox methods to promote peace. P1130245


20th September 2018

The next day, after a visit to the Terracotta Warriors Exhibition (next blog), I was able to visit where ‘the Beatles’ had begun. P1130351


Eleanor Rigby IMG_3186


Cilla Black P1130356



Then it was time for a drink and music in the Cavern Club.
















It had taken over 50 years to get there, but it was well worth the wait…………….



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