A Walk around Liverpool – Part I

Post 294: 12th September 2018

Whilst I was ‘swanning’ around Bavaria (actually walking), Celia, my wife, booked a 2 day trip for us to Liverpool in a Premier Inn in Vernon Street. On arrival there I did wonder whether she had chosen the location because there is a Husband Creche and Care Package nearby which would allow her to go shopping unhindered. Not that I ever moan about shopping of course. This seemed a better offer than when I was ‘left’ outside an H&M in Munich, whilst my German walking friend went shopping in 4 shops!

P1130246Seriously, Celia had actually booked tickets for the Terracotta Warriors exhibition the following day for a 10.00am timed entry. Arriving at Lime St stationP1130267it was a short walk to the Premier Inn using our google app on the phone. Very useful but it certainly drains the battery on the phone and being of ‘bus pass age’ it took a bit of getting used to.

It was a bright sunny day and we had an afternoon free so decided to head to the dock area as we have in the past cruised from there. Liverpool is making a name for itself as a cruise destination as the fairly recently developed docks are near to the city centre, museum area and the area made famous by the Beatles (more of that later).  As they proudly say ‘Where else could you park a cruise liner in the city centre’.IMG_3202I could think of a few other cities, but sufficient to say at this stage that the cruise terminal welcomes more than 57 ships and 100,000 passengers and crew. It brings £7 million into the city’s economy. A new terminal under construction at Princes Jetty will enable bigger liners to berth in Liverpool and start and finish in Liverpool. It tends to be only the smaller cruise ships that can do this at present.

One thing your always guaranteed in Liverpool is a smile, music and humour. P1130269

P1130245You might see some unusual sights too.

There is a variety of architecture too, old and new in the dockland area. P1130214







P1130222You might even meet the Beatles there. IMG_3194Also prepare to be dazzled with colour P1130221P1130219


P1130224We were fortunate to be able to do a tour of the Edmund Gardner pilot ship, obtaining free tickets from the nearby Liverpool Museum.

It was a fascinating introduction to how piloting used to operate on this ship in the Mersey from 1953, until 1981 when she came out of service.

The tour took about one and a half hours and was well worth it. We were surprised as to what a large area the pilot ships from Liverpool covered. The pilots were well respected in the area and were well recompensed in their employment. P1130232  We then went to the Museum of Liverpool  to visit the Double Fantasy John and Yoko exhibition. This runs until 22 April 2019 (see next blog).

And when you have finished in Liverpool you can always cycle, horse-ride or walk over to Yorkshire….


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