Historic Ripon, Alpacas, Finding Santuary, We will Remember Them

Post 173: 15 April 2017, Ripon Rowel Circles, The Sanctuary Way section.

Our walk on the Sanctuary Way began at Ripon Cathedral on a very pleasant morning.


Version 2

Version 3

Just down from the Cathedral there are a lot of historical buildings.


Including a hospital


And a house where King James 1 slept in 1617.

After following the River Skell and River Ure to Bridge Hewick we encountered the first Sanctuary Post.

May your heart be strong in faith

Faith in your friend, faith in humanity, faith in God



We continued to Sharow village along the River Ure and across fields.

Here there are the remains of an original Sanctuary cross.

May your heart be strong in compassion with that forgiving love that offers sanctuary to refugees, asylum seekers and all victims of loveless regimes. 

We then came to North Bridge and crossed the River Ure to then follow the river on the other side in a northerly direction.

We were now on the look out for alpacas, Millie, Lucy and Mel!


Another Sanctuary Post was reached.

May your heart be always shining with light 

Light for the lost, light for our leaders, light for the whole world. 


Another Sanctuary post was reached at the cemetery.

May your heart be strong in hope

Hope in human goodness, hope in tomorrow, hope in life itself.

We stopped at the cemetery for lunch on a bench to find it looking onto the war graves of Canadian and British flying crew who died during the second world. Many died on the same day, which indicated they were in the same plane. Most were in their early 20s. We will remember them.

There were also some graves for Germans who died soon after the war. We will remember them too. 

Another Sanctuary post was reached at Hell Wath Cottages. .

May your heart be full of courage

Courage to begin again, courage to face the oppressors of freedom, courage to face ourselves. 


At Quarry Moor another Sanctuary post was passed (never place noticeboards under trees) .

May your heart be surrounded by beauty, your own and that of others. May you never be seduced by false attractions. May you see beauty everywhere. 


We then came across a flower bed with a large L in the middle. Having just missed a turning, we wondered if it stood for Lost!


Back on track another Sanctuary post was reached at Gallows Hill!

May your heart be a healing heart, to heal those you listen to, look at, touch and share with the world. 


There was just one spot where this view of Ripon Cathedral could be recorded.


Followed by a final climb of the steps to the end of an interesting walk.





Miles Walked 12.3

Calories Burnt 1,400

Steps taken 24,600

Average Pace 18.03 Minutes per Mile

Fastest Split 6-8 Miles 17.31 Minutes per Mile


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