From Norway to Wreaks, Grewelthorpe and Foulgate.

Post 171: 7 August 2017, Ripon Rowel Circles 8. 

Having returned from the glories of Norwegian fjords, waterfalls and mountains on the 6 August, the names on the walk route on 7 August seemed less than enticing; Wreaks Lane, Grewelthorpe Moor and Foulgate Farm.

This was soon remedied when we hit lovely purple heather at the start of the walk, followed by a rainbow. Yorkshire was welcoming us back in a very colourful manner.



Even the cows with calves seemed to have calmed down since we last encountered them.


It was soon time for our coffee and banana break with Sid the Yorkshireman and Carol showing off their new Norwegian flasks. Now Norway is expensive but sometimes you get what you pay for and these were certainly more decorative than my much cheaper flask.


There is no doubt that Norway is more dramatic than Yorkshire with huge mountains, fjords, waterfalls and with dramatic skies and landscapes. Many of the walks demand very high levels of fitness (see previous blogs).  But Yorkshire has much lovely walking countryside that more ‘senior walkers’, like myself, can cope with much more easily.


Around 70% of the world’s heather moorland is in the UK and the largest continuous expanse of moorland in England and Wales is on the North York Moors, and the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas have their share too. So there was a lot to be thankful for.


We passed a former 1878 Wesleyan Chapel.


And a newly painted bus stop at Manor Farm. We were not sure if any buses ever came.


Passing grouse butts, we decided to use them as shelter for our lunch with spectacular views and skies towards the North York Moors in the far distance.


We passed through Low Bramley Grange and and Foulgate Farm to return to Wreaks Lane and our car.

The end of a gentle resume of the Ripon Rowels Circles after our Norwegian Saga (as opposed to Saga holiday – we are not there yet! ).

Miles Walked 7. 

Calories Burnt 847

Steps Taken 12,200

Average Pace 18 Minutes per Mile. 





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