Eidfjord Wander, A Double Rainbow, Try Looking at the World in a Different Way, The Mightily Superfit, The End of the Nordic Saga.

Post 170: 4 August 2017, Eidfjord Wander.

Having completed the walk to the Viking burial grounds, I decided to have a wander around the village of Eidfjord. First stop was a delightful gallery. See slideshow:

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Then after passing a lovely cafe


I was treated to an exquisite double rainbow show, see slideshow:

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I continued to the pretty church



Then the old part of town.


Before seeing things and my ship in a different way! This was without having had a drop of gin and tonic.


Returning to the ship I was able to watch the triathlon in a new way from above. Watching the Norwegians swim across the fjord and cycle and run over the steep hills just confirmed they are mightily superfit! Time for a G&T to recover from my walking today.



At 8.30pm our ship left for the Port of Tyne. There was a superb Balmoral Crew Show to ease the pain of leaving Norway. This was then moderated by force 5 waves.

5 August 2017

Sunrise in Newcastle was at 5.34am and I just managed to catch it. See slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you have enjoyed my travels to Norway as much as I have?

Miles walked today 2 + 3.5 earlier = 5.5


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