A Walk Around Molde – 222 Snow-clad Peaks

Post 117: 31st January 2017, 1,000 Mile Challenge Walk

We arrived at Molde at 6.42am and somehow I got on deck, despite not getting to bed until after 2.00am the night before.


I enjoyed watching the crew throw the line over the side – the first main step in berthing a ship. See slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After breakfast I planned to go for a morning walk along the waterfront as I had no excursions booked until 11.10am.

It was as beautiful crisp morning. Sunrise was at 9.04am and before I got off the ship the ‘commuter’ ferries were leaving port,


and the ‘commuter’ aeroplanes landing.


The sun was beginning to rise behind the mountains


The church and town nestled below the snow clad mountians.


The scene was interrupted by a scene of broken glass and it turned out that, when the night before the ship turned off the lights on the top deck to better see the Northern Lights, someone on a scooter for the disabled had gone too fast into the glass wind shield.


As I got off the ship another plane landed.


And the sun continued to rise.


See slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I walked along the waterfront the view constantly changed.

There are 222 snow-clad peaks which make up the splendid Molde Panorama.




Until the main hotel, in the shape of a sail, came into view.



I then headed back into the town as my time was limited. The drain covers were interesting, this one featuring a whale.


Molde is known for its annual jazz festival; there is a statue which acts as a reminder.

A small delightful fishing boat was passed before returning to my somewhat larger ship.



A delightful refreshing morning walk.

Miles walked 1







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