The Norwegian Finale – Molde to Southampton, Via Bergen

Post 118: 31st January to 4th February 2017, 1,000 Mile Walk Challenge

During the last five days of my Norwegian trip, I was only able to add four miles ‘proper’ walking to my 1,000 mile walk challenge, so I will just highlight some of the places visited. One of the limits on walking was that it included 2 full sea days and during this time we encountered Force 10 gusting to 11 storms (Hurricane is 12).


Before leaving Molde, we did an excursion to the Atlantic Road through some beautiful scenery.


The Atlantic Road


Followed by the Bergtatt Caves on a boat! This marble quarry  has been run by the Naas family since 1938. There are 40 kilometres of mines on 11 levels.

Arriving back at the ship just before we left for Bergen, there was a lovely sunset.




On arriving at Bergen we went on a stunning excursion to an ice-bound Osterfjord, a deep fjord with waterfalls, sheer mountains and powerful currents. We went through Modalen, which is the second smallest municipality with about 380 residents.

We nudged up to a waterfall to catch a bucket of ice-cold mountain water for tasting on board our boat. It was touch and go whether we could fully enter the fjord due to the ice. Strangely Bergen was ice free and it was pouring down with rain!







Back at a wet Bergen.


And after a light lunch! see slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And after passing Portsmouth

It was back to Southampton somewhat delayed by the storms (3.30pm arrival instead of early morning) !



Total Miles Walked during the 15 nights holiday  – 35

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