The Baby-Faced Assassin. Scenic Cruising and not much Walking – other than to the Bar. Why I love cruising in Norway.

Post 116: 29th January 2017, 1,000 Mile Challenge. 

At about 1pm the ship left Tromso for Molde (not Mould!), known in the UK as the place from where Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was transferred to Manchester United for £1.5 million, before returning, after an illustrious career with Manchester United, to manage Molde FK.  Known as the super sub for scoring great goals after coming on as a substitute, he also had the nickname The Baby-Faced Assassin for his gentle looks, but lethal finish.

Molde FK. p1030050

The sea was at force 5 rising to force 7 so walks on deck were out of the question and I was tired after my morning exertions in Tromso. So it was an opportunity to relax, attend the Grand Tea Dance, enjoy the evening meal, attend the British Invasion Show  and put back all the calories lost whilst walking around Tromso. There was then other entertainment up to about mid-night.

30th January 2017

I was on deck next morning at about 8.00am waiting to pass the Arctic Circle again. I was pleased to see Hurtigruten’s oldest ship Lofoten pass. With no stabilisers my heart and sympathy went out to them.


Our ship was running late and we passed the Arctic Circle about an hour later than forecast.


We then passed the Seven Sisters Mountain Range near Sandnessjoen. See slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of the things I love about cruising in Norway is seeing magnificent views and mountains from the comfort of a warm comfortable ship. I must be getting old!

The views just kept coming.


And coming


And coming. This is Torghatten the Mountain with the Hole.


And coming p1020799

And coming


All viewed from the comfort of the Marquee Bar where coffees and alcohol were on tap. No wonder I didn’t do much walking around the deck.


Completely isolated houses on little islands are passed. Many are used as summer houses and can only be got to by boat.


Salmon farms are passed.


Fabulous bridges encountered as the light fades after the 2.17pm sunset.




Until darkness arrives and the lights go on.


And the Northern Lights appeared after 11pm (see post 101 for more photographs).


For Scenic Cruising it doesn’t get much better than this……

I finally got to bed at just after 2pm……..

Miles Walked: Non Recorded! Too many distractions. 

Weather: Cloudy Skies

Air Temp: 6 degrees C/41 degrees F

Sea Temp: 7 degrees C/45 degrees F

Wind: Force 7 





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