In Search of the Mega Rare Pine Bunting – still.

Post 115: 16 February 2107, 1,000 Mile Challenge Walk

In order to continue my 1,000 Mile Challenge, I decided to do my ‘bread and butter’ walk through my village to include a short diversion to where the Pine Bunting blown in from Siberia was last seen. All I found was one twitcher who had come up from London to visit friends in Sheffield. I do hope his friends weren’t put out that he had then carried onto York a good hour and a half away to try and spot this tiny little Pine Bunting.

Not having the patience of twitchers, I soon carried on my walking and spotted loads of birds in the hedgerows hereabouts – but not the Pine Bunting. A delightful Robin seemed very happy singing its head off.



And a chaffinch tried desperately to hide itself in the bushes.


There is always tomorrow! And Spring seems ever closer.

Miles Walked 3.2

Calories Burnt 369

Steps 6,600

Average Pace 18.42 Minutes per Mile

Maximum Pace 8.08 Minutes per Mile

Elevation Gain 71.9 ft

Minimum Elevation 36.8 ft

Maximum Elevation 84.2 ft




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