Post 111: 28th January 2017 1,000 Mile Walk Challenge 

Heading back both south now we were due to arrive in Tromso, ‘the Gateway to the Arctic, the Arctic Ocean City and the Paris of the North’, at 8am. It is one of my favourite cities.

This photograph was taken at 7.12am as we approached the City.


One could be fooled into thinking that the Northern Lights were welcoming us, but in fact it was the ships beam identifying a boat ahead.



Reflections of Arctic Cathedral.


After breakfast I decided to go for a walk with John and Christine.


We passed a boat with a hot tub and had it not been fully booked we would have been tempted to go on the trip! A definite for our next visit!


From the bridge over the river we could view our ship.


We headed up past the Cathedral to the hills above the beautiful valley of Tromsdalen. Spikes were essential.

On the return I called into the Arctic Cathedral, which was completed in 1965.

We arrived back at our ship to find the Hurtigruten Nordnorge ‘parked up’ behind us.

My main intention of the day was to have an early dinner and head up to the top of the Mount Storsteinen, on the Fjellheisen Cable Car, in the hope of catching the Northern Lights. There were no other volunteers!

I left at 4pm and after a bus and short walk was heading up the cable car in somewhat windy conditions. A certain amount of swinging of the car occurred. I have seen extremely fit Norwegian ladies run up this mountain in the past!


The view from a very windy viewing platform is one of the best I have ever seen, even without the Northern Lights.


A slideshow using various lenses shows more of the views, including my ship and Nordnorge below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A corporate party arrived in various cable cars and then their food. Unfortunately, I was not invited to it, but did meet some nice Bulgarians and Romanians and others and chatted to the cable car operator on each of his arrivals,  until finally leaving at 9.30pm. A truly international gathering.

There were no Northern Lights!

The Mountain Trolls had the last laugh.

Miles Walked 6









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