To all over 60s……

Post 110:  11 January 2017,  1,000 Mile Walk Challenge 

According to Age UK’s index of well being cultural and physical activities are the most significant factors in the quality of life for the over 60s.

What to do?

Monday: the City of Culture Hull for a couple of museums and whatever else is on.

Tuesday: a 10 mile walk on my 51st long-distance walk.

Wednesday: to the cinema to see Toni Erdmann. This is about a father who visits his management consultant (human resources) daughter who is living in Bucharest. Funny that as my daughter goes to Bucharest soon for a few days human resources work!

Now what can I do on Thursday?

Chris Bonington, Britain’s most celebrated mountaineer at 82 has it right when he says ‘that he is motivated by sheer enjoyment’, adding ‘I sincerely hope I can get into the hills into my nineties’.

I agree Chris……….

Here I go……..




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