Rock Art Over 4,000 Years Before Christ.

Post 109 27 Janaury 2017. 1,000 Mile Walk Challenge

This morning Celia, myself and our friend Annabelle had decided to go on our own excursion to the Alta Museum of Rock Art. We got the shuttle bus from the ship to the centre of Alta to await the bus to the museum. The skies were very interesting with iridescent effects. See slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We left Alta on the main E6 road and the scenery was breathtaking with much snow about.



We got off the bus to find the paths to the Museum were somewhat icy. Time to put micro-spikes on, for those who had them.



Our hopes were raised when we saw the Museum was European Museum of the Year in 1993 and set in a stunning location.


On entering we thought there was a roof leak, but it turned out it was a piece of art that in certain light conditions portrayed a fish on the floor.


Now that’s what I call a fish!


The highlight of the museum is the portrayal of the variety of rock art that exists in Alta. The Rock Art was made over a long period of time, from approximately 7,000 to 2,000 years ago. That meant some of it was more than 4,000 years B.C. (Before Christ).

The art was made by people who lived from hunting and fishing, which is reflected in some of the motifs. Animals and humans engaged in different activities, as well as boats, are among the most common motifs. The most frequently depicted animals are reindeer, elk and bear.  There are many artefacts of more recent times too.

Walk through the museum with me…………p1050910p1050905p1050906p1050907p1050909p1050898p1050899p1050900p1050901p1050902p1050903p1050904p1050895p1050896p1050897p1050891p1050892p1050893p1050894p1050885p1050886p1050887p1050888p1050889p1050890p1050884p1050880p1050881p1050882p1050877p1050878p1050879

We then went out onto the balcony to admire the stunning views (the landscapes of course!) and do some holiday posing.


The Museum truly deserved its accolade and it was kept in pristine condition as though it had only opened that day. The staff were most helpful too.

After a coffee and a delicious, waffle, jam and cream, it was a bus trip back to the centre of Alta for a few more photographs in the setting sun.

Wow that’s really cool. p1020639

The return to the ship

The nearby airport,

The sunset from the ship..

and finally night-time.


Miles Walked 2





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