Arrival at Pwll Deri! Where Is that????

Post 62: 19 September 2016

The chance meeting with the two guys with crosses was not an everyday occurrence – in fact it was a once in a lifetime occurrence. Almost as incredible as the missing photograph (from 1,000 I took in Norway) at Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, which just happened to be the one I took of Jesus on the Cross at the front of the Cathedral – see Post 22, 22 November 2015 ).

I continued along the A487 on what seemed a never ending road. Desperate to find a gents I eventually saw a sign at Newport (a WC sign not a sign from the Almighty).  It took me to a car park near the harbour. Another photographic opportunity



On reaching a hairpin at Fishguard I saw a sign for the Fishguard Fort, braked hard and got in the car park at 1.40pm. I knew I was running late but thought my friends at the hostel would have given up waiting for my arrival and already gone out. Mobile phone reception was non-existent in these parts, so I couldn’t telephone my revised ETA.


It was a short walk to the fort, which was built in 1781 after a raid by privateers in 1779. The Irish ferry was in harbour.


After Fishguard, roads got narrow and narrower and seeing a sign for Strumble Head I couldn’t resist another diversion.


There weren’t many signs for Pwll Deri, but there were signs saying the roads were not suitable for coaches. Also grass was growing along the middle of some of them.

Thank goodness for a Sat Nav – navigating these roads solo by map would be very difficult.

I finally arrived at the hostel at about 2.30pm having left Cannock at 5.45am! A small YHA sign pointed down towards cliffs. Not trusting it I walked down the track and found the hostel car park.


The two Volunteer Managers, student friends from 1770-1973, were still there.


Time for tea and homemade cake (between us we had three!). The view from the dining room was one of the best I had ever seen from over 100 hostels I have stayed at over the years.


The views were to get better over the next three days………………………

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