Choughs, Seals and Special Light

Post 63: 19 September 2016 

After the long drive and cake and tea it was time to sample a bit of the coast path hereabouts. I was not to be disappointed. Unfortunately, I forget to take my camera and as always that’s when good pictures arise. We saw seals in the bays below the hostel and choughs (the bird that looks like a blackbird but has red legs and beak), which were once nearly extinct in this country and even now are fairly rare. There were two quite close to us in a field – my first ever sighting of a choughs. 

My friends had to be back by 5pm to open the hostel and so on our return I grabbed my camera and then headed back down to the seals. They were busy feeding their young. See slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

and this single photograph.


Walking back to the hostel it looked quite impressive.


Back at the hostel I decided to give my bicycle a clean as I hadn’t had chance after rides at Centre Parcs the previous week. Friends have recently said they can’t keep up with my whereabouts and activities I have to say neither can I at times!!!! Stick with it.


Not a bad location to do a bit of cleaning! The first of German visitors had just arrived as shown and like me was impressed with the views.


Now someone had remarked that Bromptons were the Benny Hills of bikes. Not for me to say who said that.


The views from the hostel was superb, but were to get better.


No doubt David Birch, whoever he was, appreciated the view and still does…..


The Pembrokeshire Coast Pathp1020183

As the evening went on the light conditions became interesting. They say you should not take photographs towards the sun. Well I always ignore that advice and I think you will see in the slideshow below why:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But this was only a prelude to what was to come later in the week……………………..







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