Day 9 – ’10 Days of Walking in Bavaria’ – Climbing Victoria’s Mount Fuji (Wallberg) at 5650 feet. Virgin Summiteers.

Post 264: 18 May 2018 Climbing ‘Mount Fuji’ (Wallberg)

Wallberg dominates the skyline around Tegernsee and at the beginning of the holiday Victoria said we should go and climb it if we had a good weather window. P1040583At 1777 metres (5650 feet) it was far higher than anything I had climbed before, England’s highest mountain Scafell Pike at 3208 feet being the highest so far; that being on 21 October 1990 when I was only 38. I can still remember that being tiring. This would be 2442 feet more. However, the ‘get out of jail’ was that we could get the cable car back down if the weather deteriorated or we were too tired.

I looked wistfully at her not promising to climb it, but not saying I wouldn’t.

The week was running out and we had been all over Bavaria having a fabulous time. The night before she announced that the forecast was good and we should go for it. How could I say no to such a request!

I woke up early feeling full of energy and boosted by the previous fabulous day visiting the fairytale castles and for that matter awesome days before that. It was on.

We parked at a car park at the bottom of the cable car near Rottach-Egern.

P1110851Fortunately, like me Victoria likes to start slowly, unlike some of my male walking friends who tend to shoot off at a fast pace only to regret it later. We climbed the very wide and clear track at a gradual pace with ever changing views.

We stopped on a bench, of which there were many, for a snack. Victoria had a slight problem with her out of date protein bar! She also had a problem with goose pimples as it was getting colder. She was a little ‘nesh’ and felt the increasing cold. IMG_2389IMG_2390Whilst walking up I monitored my heart rate. It resting rate is normally 52-56 but it was double that for most of the ascent. I think the highest it went up to briefly was 140!! The estimated maximum rate for my age is 154.  The recommended target rate for moderate exercise is 77-108 for my age and for vigorous exercise 108 to 131. IMG_2385We carried on to a viewing point. Most of Lake Tegernsee spread before us. When I asked Victoria when she was last on the summit she said she hadn’t summited, but had been to the top of the cable car! A bit late to tell me now! I was a guinea pig! Both virgin summiteers!0e3ffe25-7ea5-40ec-aa9a-0aa55c8fd562IMG_2387We continued climbing until we reached a chapel.

Then we reached some paragliders who were flying off. It was awesome.

It then started to rain and so we went to the chapel. Then to the cafe for a coffee and to await the end of the rain. The views were stunning. I also noticed I was getting some heel rub from the constant climbing and so applied compeed to prevent blisters.


P1110852P1110853P1110854P1110855P1110856P1110857The rain stopped and we made our summit bid, reluctantly passing the cable car. There was still time to change our minds and have an easy life descending to the bottom.

But we carried onto where a group were struggling to get down from the summit with a dog. I asked if it was okay and they said tricky in parts but we would be okay. They always say that. Parts were definitely getting steep and rocky. Being a gentleman I sent Victoria up first!


P1110863Finally, we summited5bf1ecbc-227b-4afb-8f0c-790a977de4cf Then the heavens opened and a storm hit us. I put on my over-trousers but Victoria had left hers back at base.

We sheltered under a rockIMG_2407I decided we couldn’t stay there forever and so we started to descend the paths which were turning into streams and the rocks were now slippy.

I came down mostly on my backside and at one point, where it was very steep, Victoria had to direct me to where to put my feet. It was scrambling.

When we reached the bottom of the ‘bad step’ the rain eased.

IMG_2410 And it was straight down the cable car through the trees. We were exhilarated, tired and a little thirsty.

P1110866A fabulous walk and, for me, an achievement at my ‘bus pass age’.

Deciding at that point that I must come back to this fabulous walking area, I asked Victoria if she could show me the Youth Hostel nearby. It was good and certainly a possibility for the future. I can’t expect Victoria to let me use her flat again.

P1110881I will also look at bed and breakfast and apartment options for the future.

Prior to leaving for the mountain Victoria had got some fish in from a fishmonger adjoining the lake. The fish were caught fresh from the lake. Tonights dinner! It doesn’t get much better.

Knowing my other weakness, she  also provided fabulous local ice-cream with fresh local strawberries. I thought I had gone to heaven. Victoria is the best guide in Bavaria! IMG_2428With the beer, wine and gin and tonic flowing it was good way to celebrate our summit achievement!

With the forecast being a bit iffy next day and me feeling tired we decided we would have a lazy day and include watching the Royal Wedding. Victoria clearly knew she had an English expert on weddings on hand!!!!!

Miles Walked 7.9 – mostly uphill! 


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