Day 5 – ’10 Days of Walking in Bavaria’ – Catching the Dawn, A Sculpture Garden, Porridge and Paper to Eat, A Walk away from it All.

Post 258: 14 May 2018 Bavarian Sculpture Garden, Walk around Elbach

After the previous fantastic day visiting The Eagle’s Nest and Salzburg, I was on a high and woke fairly early before 6am. I was determined to make the best of the remaining time of my holiday and not miss any opportunities. I looked out of the bedroom window and I sensed it could be a good dawn and also I wanted to photograph some sculptures I had previously seen nearby. I headed to Lake Tegernsee which was within easy walking distance. The mist was up over the mountains and valleys hereabouts, which I love because each time it is seen, it is unique and transitory.P1040407P1040408P1040409

P1040410I then reached the sculpture garden set against an awesome backdrop:


They are by:


Translated it reads:

Please do not touch any sculptures. 

Parents are liable for their children!”

I wondered how long they would last in England without them being damaged?

I ws enthralled with them and continued to find new angles locations, backgrounds and positions in order to photograph them.  It took about an hour and a half and I was starting to get cold!


Some sculptor!


My focus then returned to the lake and surrounding area. Beautiful.

P1110704P1040430P1040431P1040432P1040436The town of Rottach-Egern could be seen below me. Painters, writers and composers used to flock here to be inspired by the vibrant, buzzing and cultural life of Rottach-Egern. I have written books and blogs, I paint and draw a little, but I fall down on the composing criteria!

Visitors from all over the world come to the promenade, Seestrasse, where they appreciate the lively and exclusive atmosphere around Malerwinkel, the hotspot of Rottach-Egern. It is even rumoured that some German national team footballers live in the area around the lake, former Russian leaders and other notable people and that Liverpool FC stay here.

I felt like I had won the lottery just to be able to spend 10 days in this area through the kindness of Victoria and her family. P1040434Now who could live in a house/castle like that?  P1040437It was now time to return to my flat as I was on porridge duty and Victoria would be awakening soon. I would not be popular if I was late as she had a walk planned. Microwaves are ‘in short supply’ here and I would be using the traditional method of cooking in a saucepan with lots of stirring. Porridge with cinnamon and blueberries is essential for walks! IMG_E2097

IMG_2291We started the walk at the church in Elbach, which all I can say is somewhere in Bavaria!P1110711Victoria seemed to know where she was and where she was going (without a map – a cardinal sin in Yorkshire and a guarantee to get lost) but there are excellent signs indicating where to go and how far it would take. I got a bit worried when I saw Durham was on the sign and it had no indication how far or how long it would take to get there. I estimated that as I had come from York it would take about a day with flights and trains to get to DurhamP1110719It was a warm day and Victoria accosted my rucksack to put some of her belongings in as she hadn’t brought one. Wear the old ones out first I say!  She knew she had been such a good guide that she could get away with anything now………P1110718We soon came across some lovely flowers and hay meadows. P1110713P1110714It was lovely, peaceful, rolling countryside far from the madding crowds. IMG_2242The calmness was interrupted when we stopped for lunch and I discovered Victoria had packed, amongst other things, what seemed to paper for lunch! At least they provide plenty of benches to sit on and bins for rubbish. P1110715P1110716We then came across a point to soak our feet, but we had passed it before Victoria explained its purpose. You don’t get that on the North York Moors – just bogs! P1110720There was suddenly an overpowering smell and I thought Victoria must have forgot to have a shower that morning. It turned out that the farmers had been putting manure on the fields.

P1110722The scenery and clear paths were a delight. P1110723Things got even better when we found the ultimate bench. Note the quick change into shorts as it got warmer. I could have stayed here forever.  Again it beats a little mat on the North York Moors! 221e8e10-81b2-416a-a4f9-a3e16d623257a0fa1364-b827-40ff-8d3a-f4fd121640fe But an ornate chapel and church, Wallfahrtskapelle Birkenstein at Fischbachau-Birkenstein, beckoned. P1110730P1110731P1110732It is off the tourist track and there is little information in English, in guide books or at the site. There is a Calvary scene with three crosses on the hill near the church. The church has an outdoors section and the main church is on the second story. No photographs are allowed. Downstairs there is a shop and another small chapel. Inside there are candles and a tomb with a statue of a male laid out on top.

A fascinating place off the beaten track.

Leaving the church we somehow managed to pass a highly recommended cafe (too soon after lunch) and passed an old fire engine. P1110733P1110734We were soon back in open peaceful countryside.

P1110735P1110736P1110737Soon the church we started from came into view indicating the end of the walk with some maps on noticeboards! P1110738P1110739P1110740

A delightful walk away from the busier areas of Bavaria. Another gem by my guide.

I got a little confused here but I think Pretzels and homemade egg liquor cake appeared on our return to the flat.


Miles Walked 9

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