Day 1 – My 54th Long-distance Walk, 17,600 Pints of Beer a Day. A Bridge Too Far (Dangerous). A Buddha.

Post 217: 23 November 2017, The Inn Way, Hemsley to Wombleton. 

I eventually got my car back after the pothole saga (see previous blogs) and fortunately only a new tyre was required, not a new wheel.

After a week off from long-distance walk projects, Sid the Yorkshireman and myself finally decided on our next long-distance walk and my 54th.

With my booked trip to the Bavarian Alps in Germany next year and a visit to Munich’s greatest tourist attraction planned, the Inn Way seemed the obvious suitable training walk to do over the winter.



You may ask why?

Munich’s greatest tourist attraction is Hofbrauhaus. This is described in tourist books as the epitome of the Bavarian lifestyle. An inn, it formed part of the Royal Brewery that was founded by Wilhelm V in 1589. It is highly recommended by walking friend Dan who attends the opera in Munich from time to time. My German friend and guide to my trip next year has said we can pop in there. It holds about 2,300 drinkers and every day 10,000 litres (17,600 pints) of beer are consumed!

Now we don’t plan to consume much beer on The Inn Way as it tends affect the walking, but I may and try and photograph every pub en-route. We will certainly have to have a pint or two at the end.

We started walking at Helmsley at 9.00am

We passed three of the pubs, The Feathers, Black Swan and Royal Oak  and the fourth, The Crown Inn, had been converted to a clothes shop, The Fatface.

The Castle peeped at us from above the house roofs.


After some tricky walking alongside the River Rye, in which it would have been easy to slide into the river on the mud and leaves, we reached flatter ground with swans alongside on the river.


There were some unusual concrete ‘barriers’ near what used to be a ford.


Arriving at Harome we had to climb over some fencing on the right of way to access a bridge. We stopped for a coffee and banana break.


Having crossed the bridge, we discovered there were signs saying the bridge was dangerous.


When we surmised that there were no signs at the start of the footpath to point out the path was closed, Alf said:

‘There was a sign but I hadn’t got my glasses on so didn’t read it!’

We then visited the Star Inn passing a Buddha on the way and the church.

Shortly after migrating geese passed us above in formation – a wonderful sight.

The final pub on the Inn Way section of the walk was the Plough at Wombleton.


Here we had our packed lunches in a bus stop. It was sheltered and dry. When the rain arrived Sid the Yorkshireman suggesting catching a bus back to Helmsley and has been put on report by the Ethics Committee. Carol says it is because he likes using his bus pass. Sid the Yorkshireman likes using anything that is free!

This is not allowed and we had to walk the five miles back through rain, mud and wind, with some sun at the end.  Character building.

Miles Walked 12.8 

Steps 31,246

Calories burnt 4,072. 






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