Day 4: The COT COMBO WALK. No other walkers seen. Gin. The Best Pub in Yorkshire? Cramp.

Post 199: 28 September 2017 Lastingham to Cropton.

We started walking on the North of England Way from Lastingham at 8.45am after being in a procession on the A64 from York in quite heavy traffic – where does it all come from?!

We soon came across one of the various wells in the village.


Ascending out of the village towards the moors we passed the Grange Country House Hotel. 


Just as the moors opened up the Millennium Cross appeared before us.


We walked to the right before getting onto open moorland. P1080481P1080482

Before descending and crossing Tranmire Beck.


It was good to see that paths were much clearer and better signed than when I devised the route in the 1990s. Believe or not there is definite path through the heather.


We soon came to an area where glass making used to take place.


Passung through a wood towards the Blacksmiths at Hartoft, there were some fine fungi.


And an odd fawn sheep.


We crossed the River Seven over a bridge.


To reach the Blacksmiths now closed and available to let, where we had a banana and coffee break at 10.00am


We crossed Hartoft Beck and took a left into the woods on a track. There was an information sign saying there was Track Rod event on today. There was no sign of cars, but plenty of signs to play with!  Where was the gin?


Getting no gin we carried on,


until  we ascended a steep path on the right towards High Muffles Farm. 


We then took a difficult, muddy, wet boat towards Stape passing the Ken Ather Outdoor Centre, which was for sale – is this a sign of the changing times? Are youngsters too glued to their computers, phones and other IT equipment to be bothered with the outdoors?


We stopped at what is left of the village hall for lunch. The villagers had recently decided not to replace it with a new village hall. Another sign of changing times?


We left the North of England Way to join the Tabular Hills Walk and soon passed quite a large frog.


To eventually follow a fine woodland walk.


The pheasants are starting to look worried and confused as the shoots get busy soon.


The Sat Navs are also confused.


Afte a long tarmac walk we arrived at Cropton,



where there a number of well maintained benches in memory of the fallen.


St Gregory Church was passed.


In the churchyard are the base and shaft of a cross, which used to hold a cup of water for thirsty travellers giving rise to the rhyme:

On Cropton Cross there is a cup

and in that cup there is sup;

Take that cup and drink that sup,

and set that cup on Cropton Cross top. 

It was strange that near here Carol was getting tired until I suggested she needed more water.

Behind the church is the site of a 12th century Norman castle which would have commanded views to the south to Pickering and north to Rosedale.


The walk is well signed.


At Appleton Mill Farm we crossed the River Seven on a fine bridge designed for horses.


We then had a ‘High Noon’ moment with the locals.


We then followed the old road and path down to Lastingham, with fine ‘tree framed’ views.


We entered Lastingham


We eventually ended up in what we regard as the ‘best pub in Yorkshire’, The Blacksmith’s Arms for a well earned Yorkshire Hotpot followed by ice-cream!


A great walk. 

Miles Walked 15.7

Steps 35,000

Average Pace 1623 Minutes per mile 

Calories Burnt 1,900

After effects! When Carol got out of the car at home she got cramp. I got cramp in bed at just before 2.00am!




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