Day 7: Castle Howard, Robin Hood’s Bay, Mosaics Abound, ES 6 Photograph.

Post 190: 8 September 2017. A walk around and from Robin Hood’s Bay, A Drive over the best heather moorland

As I said in earlier blogs, Victoria, living so far inland in Germany, was desperate to see more of the coast and the name Robin Hood’s Bay has connotations of pirates, smuggling, and Robin Hood so what better place was there to go to?

However, a diversion was essential to take in views of Castle Howard which featured in the TV series Brideshead Revisited.

There were fine views as we drove to the North York Moors and stopped at the Everley Cafe, once a pub, for a coffee. A couple of Germans were there on their first day of the Tabular Hills Walk. 


The views from the drive towards Robin Hood’s Bay were stunning.

Dropping down from the car park we stopped in a lovely spot for lunch

We then carried on down to Robin Hoods Bay and the beach.


There were many colourful Mosaics

and then Victoria, not so elusive……

ES 6 Photograph 


The walk to the beach and the end of Alfred Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk was delightful.

We then had to climb the steep hill and many steps put of Robin Hoods’ Bay……..

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