Day 6: An Irrestible Force meets a Compelling Case.

Post 189: 7 September 2017. A Visit to the European City of Culture 2017.

Day 6 of the ‘Best of 31 years of walking in Yorkshire  condensed into 8 days’ was meant to be a visit and walk around the European City of Culture – Hull.

However, my visiting young lady (Victoria), supported by my wife, had other ideas. She wanted to visit the shops of York and spend, spend and spend; well sort of.

Such a lady is, I have found from the past, an irresistible force that no amount logic or reasoning will steer away from her chosen course. I meekly submitted and let her ‘do her own thing’. I was pleased next day to learn that she had bought some jewellery, clothes and others items.

But for anyone not so inclined, the European City of Culture Hull, with a walk around the old part and the marina is well worth a visit, taking in three of my favourite museums, The Ferens, Wilberforce and Maritime. Even better they are all FREE.

Miles Walked – I haven’t a clue!

I went to the cinema and had a much needed rest day.  

The next Day (7) we were off to Robin Hoods Bay and some of the best heather on the North York Moors.  That’s a relief. 





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