Day 4: York Walks

Post 185: 5 September 2017, York Minster, A Walk along the Medieval Walls of York and The New Walk to the Millennium Bridge.

To condense the best of 31 years of walking in Yorkshire into 8 days MUST include walks in and around York.

The forecast for today was awful so we decided that Victoria should spend the morning exploring York and we would have lunch at Mannion’s cafe, which in my and other opinions is the best of the many cafes in York. Someone rated it in the top 15 attractions in York, which includes York Minster, The Yorvik Viking Centre, The National Railway Museum, Betty’s Cafe and such like!

We arranged to meet at York Minster and arriving early I took the opportunity to take some photographs, albeit in the rain. This does give York a special effect as the rain glistens off the pavements.

Minster Gates
Emperor Constantine The Great. He became Emperor in AD306 when his father Constantius Clorus died in York. He returned to Rome to consolidate his position and is said to have seen a vision of the cross of Jesus against the sun in c312 and converted to Christianity prior to a crushing victory over his brother-in-law Maxentius, who also claimed to be emperor.
Roman Column, 9.5 metres high, originally found on its side in the foundations of York Minster.
York Minster

York Minster is the Cathedral Church of St Peter, the largest medieval building in England and the largest Gothic cathedral north of the Alps. I strongly recommend a visit to the top up the Central Tower, which is the highest point in York. 275 steps and 230 feet! Not for anyone with a heart problem.

I once managed it in 2010 after heavy overnight snow, when it was closed to the public. Where’s there’s a will……………Suffice to say I had spikes on my boots. I was able to get some unique photographs. One local vicar said they were the best he had seen of the Minster.

York 080110_0513_edited-4York 080110_0575_edited-1

York 080110_0579_edited-1
St Michael-le-Belfrey

Victoria arrived and it was time for a delightful lunch at Mannion’s Cafe.

No proper walking yet but what would the afternoon bring? York shouldn’t be rushed.


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