Cruising Hardanger to Eidfjord.


Post 168: 3 August 2017, Cruising Hardanger to Eidfjord. 

We left Flam at about 5.30pm after a wonderful day there in good weather. Rumours were around that the UK was getting a lot of rain. As we sat in the Observatory at about 10.00pm to start the quiz, the sky change coloured. Fortunately, I had a small camera and was able to go out on top deck to capture the colours. See slideshow:

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At 10.30pm it was off to see the comedian Andy Rudge who was very funny. I can’t remember if it was disco dancing after that!

4 August 2017

I was up and about not long after the sunrise at 5.16am. I had spotted interesting clouds through my porthole. See slideshow:

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A couple of ships passed.

At about 8.00am we entered Hardangerfjord running from the Atlantic to the Hardangervidda Plateau. It is the fourth largest fjord in the World and the second largest fjord in Norway.

We then cruised past Furebergfoss Waterfall around breakfast time, a great view from the restaurant:


Sit back and enjoy the slideshow as passengers could:

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Wonderful cloud effects lined our route. I remember a photographer saying that clouds make a photograph. I must agree.

Again relax and sail through the clouds in the slideshow:

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There were occasional full breaks in the cloud.

But not many. See slideshow:

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Until a fine bridge, fairly recently built, was passed under.

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And the smiley face of one of our favourite members of staff signalled Eidfjord was close.


The views from the ship looked promising. Time for another superb lunch before embarking on our planned walk.


Miles Walked 0 apart from round the deck. 


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