The Jungle, Lake Superior, Himalaya and a Killer on the Loose.

Post 159: 18 July 2017, Ripon Rowel Circles 7

Carol was recovering from flu and so we decided to walk just 7.5 miles (according to the guide book) instead of the 14.5 we had originally planned. A nice leisurely day in the sun or so we thought. Funny how you get a surprise on walks. It started fairly gently from Wreaks Lane and there were fine views over to the moors of the Nidderdale AONB.


We dropped down to the tine hamlet of Ilton where a worthy cause was underway. Mobile phone reception was poor in this area.


We arrived at Lobley Hall, which is a ruined 17th Century farmhouse. It is a Grade II Listed Building. The guide did not say which side of the building the path went and as there was a clear one to the right we followed it. This led us in the wrong direction according to the maps and so we retraced our steps to try and find another one, more in line with the maps.


We succeeded and found The Jungle! Hardly any path, much of it overgrown and very hot and humid with some steep slippery slopes. Not the easy walk we had anticipated.



After leaving the jungle we came across this wonderful, huge, very old specimen. No not Carol – The Sycamore Tree! I could be in trouble here!


A little further on we passed Lake Superior and thought we must have taken a wrong turning. However, due to the very high walls of Swinton Park we were unable to see Lake Superior, which we thought was in Canada.


We didn’t see another walker all day on this walk and there is some delightful countryside. It is a real backwater off the beaten track.


However, all is not rosy as there was a killer on the loose.


We then came across many unusual trees and plants and had indeed came across a huge Himalayan Garden. We walked through parts of it on the right of way, despite it being closed.


Carol was still suffering from the after effects of flu or the effects of the sun as she got to the top of a stile and said “which way now?”. She hadn’t noticed the arrow at the bottom of the stile.


The walked turned out to be 9.7 miles, somewhat longer than the guide book said!

Miles Walked 9.7

Calories Burnt 1,100

Average Pace 20 Minutes per Mile

Fastest Split at 1-2 miles 17.45 Minutes per Mile 




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