A Mum in a Million, Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Name Changing in World War II, Spot the Chick, Hotter than Barcelona.

Post 151: 19 June 2017, Ripon Rowel Circles 3

With the prospect of very hot weather we decided to leave home very early at 6.45am with a view to getting as much mileage done as possible before the midday sun.

We arrived at Studley Royal Park at about 8.00am. It was already pleasantly warm.


We passed the very ornate St Mary’s Church,

And the Choristers House


Not sure what a Mum in a Million was doing outside someone’s house as it was Father’s Day the day before.


At Sawley we stopped under a tree for shade and for water and a very early banana break. Nearby a building, Sawley Parish Room, had its name erased during World War II.


Shortly afterwards at Hollin Hill Farm we passed an impressive large garage with a clock on its roof.


We reached the secluded Eavestone Lake, the trees around it providing some shade from the increasingly hot sun.

I don’t know how the peacock coped with the heat with its wonderful feathers.


We left the cover of trees to more open and hence hotter ground.


Before dropping down to a stream in woods, which provided some shade for a very early lunch at 11.00am!

Just after High Skelding and before Skelding Grange we came across a sign which was in completely the wrong place. The Nidderdale Way goes nowhere near here heading to Ripley much farther south!


Spot the chick!


It is rare to come across National Coal Board equipment on a walk


Or 3 Volvo tractors, two of which had given up.

The last 3 miles had been very hard going in temperatures of 32 degrees, hotter than Barcelona, Ibiza and Benidorm.

Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.  And one English lady. 

We finished walking at about 2.30pm.

Miles Walked 13.2

Calories Burnt 1500

Steps 27,300

Average Pace 18.55 Minutes per mile

Fastest Split between 0-2 miles 17.38 Minutes per Mile, then the temperature increased and we slowed down. . 

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