51st Long-distance walk, 30 Walks and 318 Miles Completed, ammonites, early flight, spacecraft, away with the fairies, the final sacrifice.

Post 145: 23 April 2017, Cleveland Circles Walk 30.

We arrived at Filey at just after 8.30am and started walking at 9.00am on a bright sunny day. Descending the ravine below Glen Gardens we passed an ammonite, albeit it a concrete one!


The view looking north towards Filey Brigg was a delight.



So was looking south towards Bridlington.


In the early years of the 20th Century pioneer fliers took great risks here to discover some of the secrets of flight. Not all attempts were successful.


There were also a strange view out to sea – a shoal of fish, fish nets, a sand bank, sea currents, the shadow of a spacecraft? If anyone knows do let me know.



As we headed inland we were clearly ‘Away with the Fairies’


There were even public sandbag stores.


We arrived at the village of Muston for our coffee and banana break and sat outside an unusual corrugated church, with beautiful stained glass windows, and next to the nearby pub.



Muston is an attractive and well kept Yorkshire village.


After passing through Gristhorpe we eventually reached the sea again and the Cleveland Way. When we last passed this location on the previous walk, near the Blue dolphin Holiday Park, there was only the base for a bench. This time a bench had been put in place and with stunning views we decided on an early lunch at 11.15am!



2.7 miles of delightful walking along the Cleveland Way followed


Until we reached the end of the Cleveland Way and the Cleveland Circles at Filey Brigg.

30 walks and 319 miles completed in 8 months.


Hereabouts Romans built a signal station.


It was time now to head for Filey for a celebratory ice-cream. On such a splendid day it seemed more like the mediterranean than the East Coast of Yorkshire.



At the North Cliff Country Park an appropriately named Rambler coach was parked up.


We found a sacrificial site and volunteered Carol as the victim for saying ‘how far now?’ too often.


After a visit to St Oswald’s Church,


we had two ice creams on Filey front and bade farewell to the local wildlife to return to Sid the Yorkshireman’s new ‘Techno-Orange’ coloured car and the journey home.



A great day and great series of walks completed.

Miles Walked  12 miles

Calories Burnt 1,400

Steps Taken 24,800

Average pace 19 minutes per mile.

Maximum Pace 13 minutes per mile

Elevation Gain 597 feet

Minimum Elevation 24 feet

Maximum Elevation 280 feet 


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