The First Cruise Ship of 2017 to Cross the Arctic Circle in Norway.

Post 106: 25th January 2017, 1000 Mile Walk Challenge 

On the previous day we were the first cruise ship of 2017 to cross the Arctic Circle in Norway. Many more will eventually follow in the spring and summer months.

The Captain had made the correct decision to head for the shelter of Ofotfjorden, in order to avoid the force 10/11 storm and a dangerous narrow passage to Harstad.

I awoke at just before 8am to look out of my cabin to see a ski slope lit up and apparently suspended in mid air in the distance. Was I dreaming?


There was also a huge bridge all lit up.


A very surreal start to the day!

There were the bright lights of Narvik too and the mountain, so it wasn’t a dream.


I got up fairly quickly to do some early morning photography, before the sunrise which was due at 9.25am. Given that sunset was due at 2.19pm it was going to be a short day!

At 2.08pm I took this picture


At 2.13pm this one.


At 2.19pm it went dark again!

Despite strong winds and roughish seas still, between sunrise at 9.54 and sunset at 2.19, I somehow managed to walk 3 miles around the deck.

Miles Walked 3

Weather: Partly Cloudy Skies

Air Temp: 4 degrees C/39 degrees F

Sea Temp: 5 degrees C/ 41 degrees F

Wind: Force 5








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