Morning or Afternoon walking? Bread and Butter Walking, Decomposed Brains.

Post 97:  5 January 2017,  1,000 Mile Challenge

As I had a few jobs this morning, not least trying to get my car hooked up to the internet (cars are getting very high tech), I left walking until late afternoon. The car already has a DVD so I can watch my favourite singer Katherine Jenkins, when the car is stopped or listen to it only when the car is moving. No distractions when driving!!!!

This walk is meant to be one of my ‘bread and butter’ walks from home, which are useful for the 1,000 mile challenge. It is not always possible to go off in the car to the Yorkshire Moors, Dales or Wolds. I soon came across this fine lone tree.


The last time I photographed this tree was on the 6 February 2012, when it looked somewhat different.


One thing I came across, which always distresses me, was dog poo left in a plastic bag as per the photograph. It will never decompose. The people that do this have decomposed brains.


Walking further on and calming down a little, the sun peeped out as it dropped in the sky.


I suddenly thought that I must get to high ground, despite the fact there isn’t really high ground in the village. Eventually getting to 93.1 feet above sea level, the views I had hoped for developed.




A good end to the day…..

Miles Walked 2.7

Calories Burnt 306

Steps taken 5,500

Average Pace 1.15 minutes per mile

Fastest mile split at 2 miles 17.27 minutes per mile

Elevation gain 51.5 feet.

Minimum Elevation 36.1 feet

Maximum Elevation 93.1 feet. 



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