Global Warming.

Post 96: 4 January 2017, 1,000 Mile Challenge

After my rather energetic 11 mile walk to the top of the North York Moors yesterday, today was meant to be a relaxing day. After going to bed at 11pm last night I had one of those sleeps where you seem to go to heaven and into a sleep so deep you wake up wondering what world you are in.

This was at 4am and I found myself so awake I got up to make a cup of tea and caught up on various administrative things. Breakfast was at 6am and as we had friends coming round for dinner in the evening there were lots of chores to do, house cleaning etc etc which took me until 11am. The sun was shining outside and I had to walk to the Post Office  a quarter of a mile away to post a copy of my coast to coast guide book to a walker who I had just entered into correspondence with. I decided to take my small radio with headphones as I find music gives me an energy boost when walking.

It was such a nice day that a bit like Forest Gump I just carried on walking.  To my surprise it seemed like summer and the Yorkshire Wolds looked wonderful in the distance. The sun really was quite warm on my face. A vitamin D boost.


I suddenly recalled that this was early January not the summer and previous January’s didn’t seem like this. Where was the frost, snow, ice and cold winds? Yes on the top of the North York Moors you could get that yesterday, but in previous years you got those also in my low lying village.

I decided to look back at photographs from previous years and came across these taken around my village on 7th January 2010, only 3 days later than todays date. We couldn’t go out in the cars due to the road conditions.






Once the roads improved, these were taken in 2010 between 8th and 13th January, only 4 to 9 days later than today.

St Michael le Belfry Church from York Minster.
On 5 feet of snow on Sutton Bank, North York Moors



Lake Gormire frozen over

I note that in December just past, Norway had some of its highest temperatures ever. 18 degrees. Bearing in mind it is the land of Frozen, the film, this suggests global warming is indeed happening.

For walkers in this country it is generally a bonus as the walking year is generally extended, although last year floods prevented much walking particularly in the York area.


But the downside is I miss the dramatic snow scenes…………..

Mileage 4.02

Calories 456

Average Pace 18.0 1 minute per mile 

Fastest Split at 1 mile 15.23 minutes per mile

Maxumum Pace 7.47 minutes per mile

Steps 8,100


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