My Facebook Crashed, Cars Crashed! Winter is Getting a Grip.

Post 94: 2 January 2016, 1,000 Mile Challenge

First of all apologies for those who tried to access my Facebook this afternoon.  This is the second post of the day! My earlier post, started at 4.00am and finished by 6.00am; ‘How to walk four times around the World’ led to Facebook closing my Facebook account due to unusual activity!  I had such a lot of kind comments about the blog and photographs perhaps that may be ‘unusual’ for Facebook. Having only got the ideas for the blog at 4.00am I was overwhelmed by the response to it. I often do my best blogs at 4.00am when there are no distractions!

Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement.

I was nearly brought  to tears by Beata Dobrogoszcz, who said about the blog ‘..this is more than encouragement – this is LIFE’.

She is of course correct – walking has been my life, with other things thrown in such as Love, Marriage, Children, Grandchildren, Work, Retirement, Ups, Downs, Fun, Laughter, Tears, Hard Work, Giving 100%, Trying to be Kind, Trying to Keep Calm. Walking has been very much a constant – where when all else fails go for a walk and if it doesn’t fail still go for a walk. It never ceases to amaze me that each walk can seem as fresh and vibrant as one 20 years ago. So yes I will keep walking and blogging. It has led to so many surprises and no doubt there will be more around the corner, or the next path, or the next hill, or the next river. 

The last blog said I was just going out for a 3 mile walk from home. I got as far as 3 yards and turned back to put my spikes (not my new Microspikes which will be for the more serious stuff on the Moors tomorrow) on and get my trekking poll as it was very, very icy. I noticed the roads were particularly icy and hadn’t been gritted. This was confirmed later on in the day when a Facebook friend’s car slid into a ditch on a quiet country lane. I am not sure whether he has winter tyres on but I would strongly recommend them. Fortunately he was okay. Another friend in the village said that even with winter tyres on he had a slight slip.

Again the cold night was confirmed as our local pond was frozen over.


The light is interesting first thing in the morning. It was difficult to reduce the sun here.



I love lines for perspective. Note it is very flat around my village.


Two of my favourite photographic topics are reflections


and big skies. You can just see the Yorkshire Wolds in the background.


Oh and pleasant ladies on horses add to an enjoyable morning walk!


My mileage using a different route than planned, due to the delightful but cold weather, was:

5.83 Miles

Calories Burnt 662

Steps Taken 11,800

Average Pace 18.21 Minutes per Mile

Fastest Mile Split at 1 mile 17.5 Minutes per mile








One thought on “My Facebook Crashed, Cars Crashed! Winter is Getting a Grip.

  1. Hiya, thanks for posting in the 1000 miles FB group, I have just started walking this challenge, and it was lovely to read your post. I am an amateur photographer so often go visiting places that require a lot of walking but have never put walking first before. I am blogging my 1000 here if you are interested
    but no worries if you are too busy. I will follow yours anyway for inspiration!
    kind regards


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