How to Walk Four Times Around the World.

Post 93: 2 January 2016 

After embarking on the Country Walking Magazine 1000 mile walk challenge with a 3 mile walk yesterday it occurred to me that how could this make a difference to me or the other over 10,000 members who have joined this ‘activity’. What would I miss if I hadn’t walked on a regular basis or if I didn’t continue to walk on a regular basis?

I hope you will be inspired to make the effort to do your regular 3 mile or whatever walk….

I am rapidly approaching the young age of 65 this month (my mother will be 94 this month so yes I am quite young really). So I have looked back at my walking experiences since the age of 21. It is not worth looking much before that as I was more into football, tennis, basketball and ‘other’ distractions from walking. A sporting injury at the age of 17 finished impact sports and led to my interest in walking.

The first verified person to walk around the World between 1970-74 was David Kunst who completed 14,450 miles.

I have calculated I have completed about 68,264 miles between the age of 21 and 65. Please note that for most of the years I had a dog and did my 3 mile walk every morning before going to work. (In fact I did more because I did shorter evening walks as well). In the last 10 years or so I have sometimes replaced the 3 mile walk with gym treadmill walking. I have also swam over the last 16 years and in the last 6 months cycled

Here is how the mileage has stacked up to the equivalent of four times around the World. I haven’t included just general walking to the shops, cinema, etc etc.

3 miles x 6 days x 52 weeks x 44 years = 41,184 miles

On the 7th day I would do a longer walk of on average 10 miles. 10 miles x 1 day x 52 weeks x 44 years = 22,880 miles

Annual long distance walks actually completed and recorded between 1990 and 2003 = 1200 miles

Total mileage = 41,184 + 22,880+ 1200 = 68,264

Divide this by 14,450 = 4.7 times around the World. 

If you wonder whether I walk on holiday yes I do. I recently completed 35 miles around a cruise ship! 175 laps of the ship.

Whilst the mileages are estimates they are pretty reliable as dogs don’t give you days off and even when I stopped having dogs (to make it easier to go on holidays and longer walks) I kept doing 3 mile walks through my village to keep me fit for the weekly and long walks.

A walking friend used to say that it was better to remember things we saw on walks in the memory rather than in photographs. Fortunately, I ignored this advice and always took photographs. The memory can fade.

So if I hadn’t walked the photographs below wouldn’t have been taken. They give an example of what I would have missed. If you get out and walk you will have some unexpected surprises.

These boots are made for walking. Waiting for friends on the Three peaks of Yorkshire, England
Ravenglass, the start of my 200 miles coast to coast walk: The North of England Way
The Menai Straights, Wales
Derwentwater sun snd storm
Derwent Water in the Lake District, England
A fairly rare Harlequin Duck, Iceland


Godafoss – Waterfall of the Gods,  and the Mobot, Iceland
Gullfoss, Iceland


The Golden Mile of Borrowdale, from Castle Crag, The Lake District, England


North Cape, the top of Norway in Winter.
Geiranger Church, Norway
Above Geiranger Fjord, Norway
Flam, Norway
Flam, Norway
Seven Sisters Cliffs, Sussex, England
The Flying Scotsman from my named Pulpit Rock on the North York Moors, England
York Minster, York, England – 275 steps, 70 metres to the top
The Hole of Horcum, North York Moors, England


My favourite beach, Porthcurno, Penwith, Cornwall
My favourite son-in-law and daughter. I only have one of each!
Botallack, Penwith, Cornwall, England
Levant Mines, Penwith, Cornwall, England
England’s only Cape, Cape Cornwall, Penwith, Cornwall


Near Land’s End, Penwith, Cornwall. It says I was going to miss the rocks but I got high. Make sure you don’t hit the rocks, keep walking.
St Ives, Penwith, Cornwall, England
Porthmeor Beach, St Ives.


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