TOP SECRET, The Loss of WV, Who is the Mug. Where’s Sid?

Post 83: Cleveland Circles 7 28/11/2016


After much drooling over maps (yes I do drool) Sid and myself finally came up with a secret route on how to avoid the traffic jams around the northern ring road around York, so as to get to the start of our walks without delay. Basically, Grimston Bar Roundabout, Hopgrove Roundabout, Haxby Roundabout, left at Sutton-on-Forest, Huby then onto the A19 heading north to the North York Moors western and northern side. 1 hour to Nether Silton the start of our walk. But don’t tell anyone it is a secret and we don’t want it to get busy. 

It is with much sadness and regret that I have to announce the loss of WV. Now WV has been a constant companion for about thirty years and has done three coast to coasts with me, three Yorkshire Three Peaks, forty-nine long distance walks and numerous other walks. Having decided that the washing up treatment was necessary last week, after it, today, I found that the main backbone failed and that there was no alternative to termination, the end and the scrap heap. Everybody and everything comes to the end of their useful life.

Yes my Rohan Wild Vest (body warmer) main zip had irretrievably failed beyond repair. As it was about thirty years old I decided I couldn’t take it back under the guarantee.


However, don’t despair I have a Rohan Nightfall Vest (goose down), which will immediately replace it so my core does not get cold on the Moors.Basically, if your core gets cold you are dead.

But it was a sad loss after so many years of loyal service.

Starting our walk at Nether Silton at 8.45am we soon came across the first mug. Yes there were two mugs on this walk. It was none other than a Royal Doulton 2007 mug in perfect condition by the roadside. Sid, who is not one for missing a bargain, decided that this was one not to missed and it was quickly strapped to his rucksack. We tried to find a police station to hand it into lost property but they are few and far between in these parts. The last time we saw policeman was when we went through Menwith Hill taking photographs (oops – not a good idea). Apparently the latter is one of the ten most difficult places in the world to gain access to. Anyway if anyone is the owner of the mug can they please contact me and we will ensure its return to the rightful owner.


It was a cool lovely morning as we started to climb from Nab farm (shown) to Kepwick Moor.



Striding out across the Moors along the Cleveland Way we were surprised to see another walker. It turned out that she was European living in this country, loved ‘fell walking’, had done the Yorkshire Three Peaks , and found Yorkshire particularly attractive and, after a twenty minute chat, including deciding that without the politicians we could sort out the BREXIT arrangements, we went our separate ways. However, definitely a kindred spirit.

We continued to follow the Cleveland Way to Square Corner where cars can park.


After lunch and the only two other walkers we met all day passing us, we left the Cleveland Way near Osmotherley for a long stretch of forest walking.

We came across a hanging rock, The Yorkshire Moors Trolltunga (Troll tongue), and this was where another mug appeared. Sid the Yorkshire Mug.


See the slideshow below as to what this mug gets up to!!! Like most mugs they don’t always realise they could fall off and break. There is a big gap between the hanging rock and the hillside. It is easier to go up than come down.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Having survived his little escapade it was time to send Sid back to school and write 50 lines ‘I will not climb rocks or trees.’


Arriving at Over Silton we thought we would explore the church not realising it was about half a mile from the village across rough grassland.


No wonder one of the Vicars used to come on horseback and stable the horses in the little building on the left. There is a mounting block on the right.


The church is 12th century and Grade II listed as are some of the gravestones. The roof beams came from old ships’ timbers at Hartlepool.


The font is 12th century too.


We continued to Nether Silton Church where at the rear is a stone with the translated inscription of:

Here The Grand Manor Old Manor House Stood

The Black Beams Were Oak

The Great Walls Were Good

The Walls at the East Wing Are Hidden Here

A Thatched Cottage Like A Barn Was Here Erected Year  A.D. 1765

A Wide Porch Spans A Yard and Alcove


Inside the church the alter rails are made from wood taken from HMS Dreadnought, the training ship of the era of Lord Nelson.


Finally, the end of an enjoyable walk.


And back home on our Secret Route.

PS Shh…….don’t tell anyone. We  don’t want it getting too busy.

Miles Walked 10.91

Calories Burnt 1500

Average Speed 3.1 mph

Maximum Speed 5.2mph. 

Fastest Split 6-8 miles 3.3 mph. 

Height Gain 1416 

Steps Taken 23,868

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