Cleveland Circles walk 2, a Shoot, Brown Sheep and Ghosts.

Post 72: 17 October 2016

It was good to get back on the ‘home’ ground to continue my 50th long-distance walk, with a prospect of reasonable weather.

We parked at Cold Kirby at 8.50am and noticed a bit of a chill in the air. Cold Kirby doesn’t have the Cold included in its name for no reason.

After passing through Murton Grange Farm, expansive views emerged through the trees.


Gowerdale House sat lonely in the valley below us.


Whilst Hawnby Hill could be seen in the far distance.


Soon after our ‘banana’ break a sign on a gate post had an uncanny resemblance to me! We were not sure what or really who it was meant to represent.


We arrived at Old Byland and judging by the washing out it was Monday washday. After lunch in the village square, we dropped very deeply on a slippy muddy path to Low Gill where these delightful fungi struggled for light.

Our walk came to a halt as a pheasant shoot lay across our path. Deciding not to risk being shot we waited 20 minutes for the shoot to take place before they all packed up to go for lunch. The dogs below enjoyed retrieving the pheasants.  p1040834

We continued to Rievaulx Bridge.


Before arriving at another locality used for shoots. It can cost about £900 to go on a shoot. It seems a lot of money and I couldn’t really see the attraction of it.


We ascended towards Cold Kirby, passing unusual brown sheep.


To arrive back at Cold Kirby at about 3.00pm. St Michael’s Church dates to about 1841 and replaced the original building of the 12th century. The font is 12th century and the bells date from the 13th century.

The ghost of a Byland monk and priest of the church, James Bankerly, caused such concern that his body was exhumed and carried to Gormire Lake, where it was thrown in with his coffin.


Mileage completed 13.6 

Calories burnt 1,440

Average speed 18.33 minutes per mile

Best 2 mile split 18.28 minutes per mile. 





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