Lake Pickering Circuit 3: A Walk of Churches.

Post 292: 21 August 2018, Slingsby to Coneysthorpe Banks 

Having survived over 5,000 miles to Greenland and back, including hitting an iceberg in the middle of the night (see previous blogs), it was back to beautiful Yorkshire and a ‘fill in’ walk pending starting a new project after the summer holidays. During the summer Sid the Yorkshireman and Geordie Caz had gone off to walk 100 miles more of the South-West coastal path, this time from Minehead to Westward Ho! It was reported that Geordie Caz had boot trouble (that is falling apart), but at the time of writing no further details are available…..

Returning from Greenland I have also had computer software problems and had to update from Yosemite to High Sierra. Despite it taking a long time to get up and running again Apple Support in Portugal, Ireland and the Philippines have been very helpful! Unfortunately, Adobe no longer support Photoshop Elements 13 and so I have abandoned use of that as I have been unable to ‘reconnect’ my photographs to their files. Not being an IT specialist, I find the Forums information not that easy to follow.

Fortunately, I had already transferred my photographs to Apple Photos and in the new upgrade it is much improved and so I am going to stick with that. Hopefully you will not notice any difference and the photographs will be at their usual standard (good or bad!).

We started walking in the village of Slingsby, which is north of Castle Howard. All Saints Church was first built in 1157 and rebuilt in 1869. It is quite large and has a fine chandelier.P1130160P1130162P1130161There is an interesting memorial to a master mariner. P1130164A plaque shows the rents in 1712 were a little less than now. P1130163Slingsby Castle is in need of some tlc.P1130159From Slingsby we headed to Barton-le-Street where the St Michaels’ Church was also rebuilt in 1871.

It has Norman stone carving from the original building. The porch and main entrance are impressive. P1130140P1130141Then we headed on to Appleton-le-Street, which has a population of approximately 117 (2001).

Further on Amotherby’s St Helen’s Church is hidden in trees and again was largely rebuilt in 1871. It still has its Norman south door and the 16th century tower as well as some Anglo-Danish carved stones from before 1066, in the porch. P1130149                                                                        The bench there made a good coffee and banana break overlooking the garden area.

The inscription reads:

The Kiss of the Sun for Pardon

The Song of the Birds for Mirth

One is nearer God’s heart in a Garden

Than anywhere else on Earth. 

July 1917.

P1130146We headed up towards Coneysthorpe Banks Wood, where there was some interesting flora. P1130153After having lunch we passed Castle Howard in the far distance. P1130154After Slingsby Banks Wood, we descended back towards Slingsby and a horse encounter. P1130158It had been a hot and humid day.

Miles Walked 11.5

Calories Burnt 3491

Steps 25,274


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