Walking in the Orkneys, Faroes, Iceland and Greenland – Part 4 – Eskifjordur, Iceland.

Post 279: 1 August 2018. Eskifjordur

We left the Faroes at 14.30 heading for Iceland, and in particular Eskifjordur in East Iceland, which has a population of about 1,043.



We arrived at Eskifjordur at about 9.30am

Somewhat isolated from the ring road that circles Iceland, Eskifjordur feels a little bit on a limb, located on a fjord by the same name. It has a large fishing industry, immediately apparent by the fishing boats and fish processing plant alongside us at the small harbour. P1120477


Although there is a mountain of 985 metres (3231 feet) called Holmatindure opposite the village, with the limited time we had until our departure at 14.00 and the apparently difficulty of climbing the mountain (described as extremely difficult but possible), it was beyond us. We therefore decided to walk to a waterfall past the church. Over the years the village has been badly hit by avalanches but has now built an avalanche breaker. P1120480


Leaving the road followed by a short ascent, the path soon became fairly indistinct. At least one walker had however found his way to the top of the waterfall.




P1120487We descended to look at the church. On both the ascent and descent there were fine views towards our ship. P1120484

P1120483There was a lot of light in the church and a fine painting of the fjord. P1120490

P1120489Leaving the church and community centre, we visited the cemetery further up the valley. There were some interesting gravestones.


Finally, we had a walk around the village past some artwork and the Maritime Museum situated in an old building built in 1819. There is also a small 9-hole golf course, a fishing shed dating from 1890, a geothermal swimming pool and a sports complex with hot tubs, and a mineral collection.


We returned to the ship in time for lunch.P1120500It had been a relaxing morning walk.

Departing at 14.30 our next stop was Akureyri in the north-east of Iceland



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