We were all Flying today! Up and Down. Back on Top. 993 Miles Completed

Post 210: 2 November 2017, Huthwaite Green to the bottom of Hasty Bank and back.  

I decided to do my ‘training’ walk today, which I have traditionally used to get fit for my 3 coast to coast walks and other long distance walks. It is always a good measure of how fit I feel and is probably one of the toughest sections on the North York Moors with lots of accents and descents. Alan Hinkes from Northallerton, the only Briton to climb all 14 of the world’s highest mountains over 8,000 metres, also used the area for his training. Except he often ran it at night!

It was quite eerie with mist just after 9am when we started walking from Huthwaite Green.


The walk starts with an immediate ascent up Roundhill – no time to warm up.  However, there were also fairly immediate superb views.



We were surprised to find we had company on the path, which is part of the Cleveland Way and Wainwright’s Coast to Coast. .


We took the opportunity to have a breather after our ascent and watch the para-gliders. On this section they said it was too windy and kept getting blown back onto the escarpment.


Further on the wind dropped and some got properly airborne.


Afte a banana and coffee break just after Carlton Bank we began another ascent, this time up Cringle Moor. There were fine views back.


We reached the Alec Falconer viewpoint from where Roseberry Topping, the Yorkshire Matterhorn could be just be seen in the far distance.


After a further descent and ascent we reached the Wainstones. 



Before descending to a sheltered bench for lunch. Within 5 minutes three sets of walkers all appeared hoping to sit on the same bench. We had timed it perfectly! We made the decision not to carry on to the highest point of the Moors as we felt we would run out of light. We would save that for the spring.

Returning back along the lower route we had fine views still.


The para-gliders started to appear again



The weather, views and light had become very pleasant indeed.


We passed a bronze age burial mound.

We were relieved to reach the top of our final ascent and enjoy the fresh cooling air and descending sun.


The final descent was through a line of trees.


A great days walking.

Position on Workweek Hustle Challenge – back on top – for now! 



Miles Walked 13

Calories Burnt 1,500

Steps 24,900

Average Pace 16.26 Minutes per Mile 

Maximum Pace 12.42. 

Elevation Gain – up and down, up and down over 14 times there and back  




                                        7 TO GO 

Fish and Chips and Knickerbocker Glory at Trenchers in Whitby beckons tomorrow! 







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