Theresa May Goes West and We Went East.

Post 139: 20 April 2017, Cleveland Circles 27

So Theresa May goes walking to the west, Snowdonia in Wales,  and ends up calling a snap General Election. That is Power Walking.

We decided to go East and ended up making no decisions at all, other than whether we should have an ice-cream or not at the end of our walk.

Now would Theresa’s decision have been different if she had walked my North of England Way, which I know she has a copy of? It is of course top secret as to how she got it as these are Secret Diaries.

So heading out East to Scalby (pronounced Scorby according to a local) we started walking at 8.45am on Cleveland Circles and coincidently the North of England Way.  Our first stop was at Scalby Parish Church, dedicated to St Laurence.

There is a plaque in the churchyard dedicated to a very brave lady who died trying to save passengers of the Whiskey Echo.


We continued inland to Prospect Farm where the prospect of entering a field with these long horned cattle put fear into Carol. Fortunately, we were able to avoid them.


There were lovely views back to Scarborough Castle and a couple of deer suddenly startled us, one jumping the barbed wire fence.


We eventually reached the coast and the Cleveland Way,



before passing Scalby Lodge Farm pond which was largely dried up, symptomatic of the dry weather we had been experiencing recently.


Our final view of the coast was at lunch time just below Scalby Ness.


Then it was mostly tarmac walking back to the car. It was then off to an ice-cream at Hackness (see previous blogs). Much more enjoyable than a General Election. Perhaps Theresa should have gone east?

Now I think in the election we are going to get a lot of rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb and more rhubarb from politicians, so I had Rhubarb and Ginger ice cream, imported into Yorkshire from Suffolk. It is midway between sorbet and ice cream but very refreshing after a long walk.


Miles Walked 11.14

Calories Burnt 1,300

Steps 21,900

Average Pace 18.12 Minutes Per Mile 

Fastest Split 17.41 Minutes Per Mile between 8-10 Miles 


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