The Walk 1,000 Miles 2017 Challenge Has Started. £645 Saved.

Post  91:  1  January 2017, 1,000 Mile Challenge

Happy New Year!


Today I started on the Country Walking Magazine Walk 1000 miles 2017 Challenge by completing a three mile walk through my village in the rain. I am fortunate in that once I get through the village I can see the Yorkshire Wolds in the far distance.  However, it was a murky morning and in the past I have had much better views than shown in the above photograph.

So how have I saved £645? Well my off peak gym membership expired yesterday and for various reasons I decided not to renew it:

The 1,000 mile challenge will offset the reduced gym exercise. It is like going full circle as for over 25 years, whilst at work, I used to do the three mile walk every morning through the village in all weathers and in darkness in the winter. My dogs then were fantastic Personal Trainers who never took no for an answer. Now retired and without dogs I can walk it in daylight.

The gym fees have just increased by 14% and my usage has decreased!

My wife and myself acquired Brompton bicycles in the summer and that takes up more time.

We have aged mothers (93 and 94) to visit in the Midlands, which requires a lot of time.

We have a son, daughter and son-in-law and two young grandchildren in the Midlands to visit, who are a delight.

So I will see how it goes. I can always continue swimming on a PAYG basis at my local University.

Rather interestingly through my neighbour, my book and my blog, I have come across a researcher who is using walking as a method of research. Something completely new to me. The blog is at:

Well worth a look and very interesting.

Miles Walked 3.06

Calories burnt 346

Steps 6161

Average pace 17.43 minutes per mile

Fastest mile split 16.58 in first mile

Maximum pace 13.18 minutes per mile. 





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