Back to 1993 – the Penultimate Day – the Return of 007 and the Flying Scotsman or the after effects of Drambuie?

Post 78:  11 April 1993: Day 13 – Lastingham to Lockton Youth Hostel- 11½ miles        

Due to the effects of Drambuie from the night before, we awakened with aching heads. A hearty breakfast made us feel a little better. Then Alison, the barmaid, came over.

‘What would like on your sandwiches, roast beef, pork, ham or cheese?’

‘Do you have any jam?’ I said.

‘Jam?’ she replied in an astonished tone.

‘Yes jam, if you have any? I prefer it on a walk, it is easier to digest and is good for energy.’

‘I’ll go and see,’ she said somewhat perplexed.

After a few minutes she returned, by which time I was feeling guilty for putting her to so much trouble.

‘We have marmalade, but no jam.’

‘Okay, I’ll try that,’ I said. Later on I realised this was a mistake as marmalade does not taste the same on a sandwich as jam does. Great on toast but not sandwiches.

Before leaving we had a photograph session outside the pub.

the-big-50_6781_edited-2 Just beyond the road after the church, we crossed over Hole Beck, to pass St Cedd’s Well. It is covered by a canopy of stone taken from Rosedale Priory. On a board is a Latin inscription reading: ‘Cedd founder of Lastingham Monastery died 664-5 AD, buried on the right-hand side of the altar.’

We soon headed out of Lastingham onto the true North York Moors (photograph taken later).


Then to the mist on Askew Rigg. To my relief the walk through Cropton Forest was uneventful as I find forests often require careful navigation.

After the village of Stape, a descent led to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway station of Levisham, in fact 1½ miles before the actual village. A short trip on a train to Grosmont gave us the opportunity to have lunch, including hot soup in the warm confines of the railway carriage.

p1000351_edited-1-1The line was featured in the very popular ‘Heartbeat’ television series and, from the train we admired much of what is now commonly referred to as ‘Heartbeat Country’. Devised by George Stephenson the line was opened on 26 May 1836. It was closed by Beeching in 1965, but is now run by the North Yorkshire Moors Historical Railway Trust.

Little did I know that some years later I would get an opportunity to go on the footplate of Sir Nigel Gresley on this line.





And be 007 James Bond. Dreams are made of such!


Also to spend 5 days filming and photographing the epic Flying Scotsman in this epic location.



After returning to the station, we continued to Levisham village, but were unable to take advantage of the food and drink at the Horseshoe Inn as it was closed. Thinking we had survived an easy day, the final mile of descent and ascent to Lockton changed our minds, especially when we had to walk back for our evening meal. Lockton Youth Hostel was formerly the village school, but lessons are now optional.

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