Post 29. Just a quick note of thanks and to wish all followers of my ‘The Secret Diaries of a Long-distance Walker’ a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Since August there have been well over 500 views across 25 countries and so I am very grateful for that and the very kind and complimentary messages I have received. So until the New Year I am going rest my blistered feet, have a drink or two, and contemplate future diary entries on my walks.

These will include, Magician’s Parties, Tattoo Parties, A Youth Hostel with Pews, The Nuts Barn, A Fella aged 169, Hearse Toll Charges of 6D, A Black Eye, The Dad’s Boxing Day Football Match which nearly ended Coast to Coast, Taking Baths Alfresco, Devising my Own Coast to Coast and getting it published, Insect Bites, Adders and the formation of the Walkers Ethic’s Committee.

If you have missed any of the Diaries and want to catch up, this holiday period is a good time to do so (I am sure you will have nothing better to do!).

Have a great 2016 and hope your life is as varied and exciting as mine is on walks!

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